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Nobody expects to be the target of a lawsuit, but it can happen to anyone at any time. If you're held legally liable for damages caused by an auto accident or injury at your home, a legal judgment or court settlement could exceed your current insurance coverage. And that could put your personal assets at serious risk.

Allied Umbrella Insurance provides additional coverage that goes beyond the limits of liability insurance provided by traditional homeowner, watercraft or auto policies.

More than just liability

An Allied Umbrella Insurance policy can help cover legal fees, settlement costs, and other expenses for covered losses, as well as coverage for situations not contemplated by your underlying policy, such as libel and slander.

Affordable protection

With commercial umbrella insurance and personal umbrella insurance from Allied, you'll sleep better knowing you're protected in the event a covered lawsuit is filed against you. It's a smart, easy way to protect your wealth, your family and your future. Best of all, you might be surprised by how affordable an umbrella policy can be.

A 'true umbrella' policy

Many providers offer "excess" policies, which provide coverage past a specified primary insurance limit. While an excess policy increases the amount of coverage available, it does not increase the scope of coverage.

Allied fulfills its promise of superior service by offering a true umbrella policy. An umbrella policy differs from an excess policy in one critical aspect: An umbrella policy typically insures against certain risks that the primary policy does not cover. In this way, umbrella policies function as gap-fillers and provide protection that excess policies do not. With Allied Umbrella Insurance, you are secure in knowing these gaps are covered.

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